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Thanks to everyone for a great workshop!

Very sorry for the long delay, but we had a lot of things to do that were keeping us from finally making the wrap up of our workshop.


We have received a great deal of good feedback and questions during and after the event and want to shout out a big thank you to all the people who participated in the workshop. It was great fun having the event with everyone of you!


We also want to thank the Hochschule Darmstadt and Prof. Altenbernd for their continued support for workshops like this by providing rooms for our event and hope that we’ll be offering a similar workshop again in the near future.

If you want to get in touch with us, don’t hesitate to drop us a message at or

relocation of workshop Day 2 to TU Darmstadt

Hi zusammen,
danke nochmal für einen produktiven und interessanten Tag 1 des Workshops!
Wegen der Problematik mit dem Schlüssel der H_DA am Sonntag treffen wir uns morgen nicht an der Hochschule Darmstadt, sondern an der TU Darmstadt im Gebäude S2|07, im Raum 53 (Hochschulstraße 6).
Wir machen euch auf, wenn ihr vor verschlossener Tür stehen solltet, schreibt uns einfach.
Sorry & Viele Grüße
das gfnork Team
Hi together,
thanks again for a productive and interesting day 1 of the workshop!
Because of the problem with access to the building at the H_DA on sunday we will relocate Day 2 of the workshop to the TU Darmstat in building S2|07, in room 53 (Hochschulstraße 6)
We will open the door for you, should you find yourself in front of a closed door, please message us.
Sorry & Best Regards
the gfnork team

our commitment to node.js
NodeSchool Darmstadt

Fast Facts: node.js workshop teaching basics of node.js based web development with Window Azure
Event Registration: lanyrd, facebook, eventbrite
Date & Time: 24th-25th May 2014
Location: Hochschule Darmstadt, Schöfferstraße 8B, D14/104, Darmstadt, Germany

nodejs workshop poster

Over the course of the last weeks we have embraced the use of node.js as our primary software platform for our next upcoming product. It’s a relatively new project that has grown out of the Google V8 JavaScript engine and delivers simple scalability as well as an architecture that enforces non-blocking, event-driven I/O.

While selecting a suitable technology was a hard choice for us, we are so far very happy with our decision to go forward with node.js. One of our Team members, Thomas, has been working a lot with node.js at his main workplace and suggested it in one of our internal team meetings.

Because it’s a relatively fresh technology, there were a couple of hurdles that we had to take until we felt that we knew what we were doing.

At this point we would like to share the experiences that we have gathered while working on our first large node.js project and therefore will organize a node.js web development workshop in Darmstadt, Germany. We believe that the key to progress is a healthy ecosystem and hope to spark interest among students and other interested people to this exciting new technology.

We will be doing this event together with the Microsoft Student Partner Program and the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt (H_DA).

Participation is free of charge and on-hands coding during the workshop is strongly encouraged.

The workshop will take place at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt (H_DA), in room tbd and will be held from the 23h of May till the 24th of May.

Tell us if you’re coming on lanyrd, we’re looking forward to meeting you!


javascript basics, asynchronous programming, promises
node.js introduction and first steps, modules, npm, Events
express.js and middleware
database access with node.js
web application structure & patterns, MVC
Windows Azure deployment & debugging
Version Control, Unit Testing
wrapping up and development of sample application

hackathon & presentation of results


Thomas Dunajski – Microsoft Student Partner, Developer at gfnork webentwicklungsunternehmen, Mobile App Developer at InCloud

Patrick Wieth – PhD student at TU Darmstadt Department of Solid State Physics, R&D Expert at gfnork webentwicklungsunternehmen

Qiong Wu – Microsoft Student Partner, Junior Expert IP-Infrastructure at Deutsche Telekom AG, Lead Developer at gfnork, Microsoft Certified Professional Developer

what’s new at gfnork

We’re not exactly very verbose when it comes to public communication – it’s part of philosophy at gfnork, because we rather build than babble, but nonetheless we’ve decided to make our first blog that contains more than the usual gfnork we’d like to share with you.

Currently we are expanding our business from a label that we used to aggregate stuff that we liked to do in our spare time to something that we feel is a little more serious in terms of long-term goals we’re hoping to achieve.

We have expanded our team, which consists now of four people: Marcus, Patrick, Thomas & Qiong. You can find more information regarding that, including pictures of the team on our website.

Why are we doing this? Well we felt that we needed a more structured way to attack the projects that we were envisioning previously. So we needed a team that would cooperate under the label gfnork in order to realize new and continue to develop ongoing projects that we liked.

We also needed some funds that would help us broaden the scope of our products, so we decided to apply for seed funding to one of our future products at the European Space Agency Business Incubation Center (ESA BIC). Thankfully and fortunately we have received confirmation on the funding by ESA BIC and are taking this as a major next step for our company and a major boost to our motivation for this specific project.

While we have shifted most of our focuses to this exciting new product, we want to ensure that we’ll keep our users on support for our existing products, specifically the Ultimate Download App that we have on the Windows Phone Store. At this point we also want to shout out our thanks for the 260.000 Downloads and large amounts of reviews, feedback and support we receive from our users all around the world.

Thanks & Best Regards
the gfnork team

PS: We’re hiring.

Hello gfnork!

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