A great hackathon and wonderful participants

Hey everybody! We just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came to our hackathon in Darmstadt and joined us in creating some Cordova apps with Visual Studio. We had a great time and it was fascinating to see these applications being created.

hackathon sample app

During the workshop all participants learned about the basics of hybrid app development with Cordova & Visual Studio. The magic of writing a single app that would deploy across Windows Phone, IOS & Android didn’t work out so well in the beginning (see also: world of pain), but when all tools were ready and set up, it was amazing to see applications deploy on simulators & devices.

A short introduction of a hybrid app development framework, the ionic framework, was given, and we learned how to put an app together fast and elegantly by utilizing reusable components from the framework.

Participants also learned about the basics of user interface & user experience design in applications, presented by our designer Marcus Lüttgau, and put these principles to use during the second half of the day.

For the hackathon, our developers provided a sample backend that was to be connected via a JSON POST interface with the application.

Congratulations to Maximilian Beckmann for winning the Nokia Lumia Developer Kit!

We’ve uploaded the sample application code that was created by us during the live coding session on github:

We will upload the slides from the workshop in the next couple of days.

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